10 cách nói ” I LOVE U” trong Tiếng Anh

10 cách nói ” I LOVE U” trong Tiếng Anh


1. Every day I look at you and feel love and inspiration.
2. If I were spelling out my favorite thing in the world, it’d be spelled ‘ Y-O-U‘ (3).
3. I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you.
4. Everything you do in my life adds to my happiness, subtracts from my sadness, and multiplies my joy!
5. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.
6. Sometimes I can’t stop looking at you… you look too damn good.
7. You are the person I want to spend my life with – my soul mate.
8. I can’t believe how perfectly we were made for each other.
9. You are the sunshine in my day and the moonlight of my nights.
10. I just wouldn’t feel complete without you.

10 cách nói ” I LOVE U” trong Tiếng Anh
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