150 Bài tập đồng nghĩa – trái nghĩa sát SGK Tiếng Anh – Mira Vân

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Tài liệu bao gồm 150 bài tập câu hỏi trắc nghiệm chuyên đề chọn tìm từ đồng nghĩa – trái nghĩa, bám sát chương trình SGK Tiếng Anh, phù hợp dành cho các bạn ôn thi THPT (Đại Học), bài tập có đáp án chi tiết và có nhắc lại kiến thức.

Trích tài liệu

Part 1 (1-15): Choose the word that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in the following questions.

In the introduction to her fascinating book, O’Brien explains how she first became interested in music.

  1. boring B. involving              C. appealing             D. outgoing

The book contains too many concepts that the children in my class find it hard to comprehend.

  1. understand             B. oppose                  C. debate                               D. engross

The issue raised in his essay was really thought-provoking; therefore, he received good marks from the teacher.

  1. heartfelt B. common                C. confident              D. inspirational

The writer is famous for writing novels about poor people having sparkling personality.

  1. disaster B. composer              C. character                           D. barnstormer

Read this article thoroughly and you will find out the inappropriate points presented in it.

cover             B. discover                C. recover                              D. coverage

Without the high level of expertise in the job, he wouldn’t be able to dealt with the insolvable problem.

  1. competence             B. compost                C. comprise                           D. competition

The author of this non-fiction novel is one of the most well-read writers of the 20th century, having published more than 5000 prints so far.

  1. naked             B. crooked                 C. learned                              D. beloved

The plots of the book is so easy to anticipate that my grandmother stopped reading it to swallow a more interesting one.

  1. think             B. predict                   C. wander                              D. consider

According to the book, the king had to submit to the rules of enemy because of losing the battle.

  1. decide on                    B. comply with         C. explain for            D. doubt about

While analyzing the short story, the lecturer tried to emphasize on the fundamental elements contributing to its success.

  1. viewpoints             B. attitudes                C. fields                                 D. factors

Hardly had he received the information when he could immediately assimilate it with an amazing speed.

  1. digest             B. swallow                 C. chew                                  D. taste

Time not permitted, my brother only had a little time flipping through the textbook before the exam.

  1. go into             B. run into                 C. dip into                             D. check into

Although containing a large number of precious books, the library remains neglected on the outskirt of the city.

  1. unnoticed B. outdated               C. concerned                         D. invested

Of all writer in his time, O’ Henry is praised for having a distinct writing style that separates him from others.

  1. customary                  B. familiar                  C. unique                               D. understanding

After years of exposing to sunlight, the stelae have become completely illegible; consequently, their contents remain a mystery.

  1. obvious B. unfold                    C. lengthy                              D. unreadableo



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150 Bài tập đồng nghĩa – trái nghĩa sát SGK Tiếng Anh – Mira Vân
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