250 Bài tập Tiếng Anh chuyên đề từ vựng 2019 có đáp án chi tiết

Bài viết thuộc phần 1 trong serie 1 bài viết về Tổng hợp tài liệu bài tập từ đề thi Tiếng Anh 2019

Ôn tập từ vựng chuẩn bị  cho kì thi tuyển sinh Đại Học (THPT Quốc Gia) hay luyện tập nâng cao vốn từ vựng. bộ tài liệu chuyên đề bài tập chủ đề từ vựng được biên soạn tổng hợp từ đề thi Tiếng Anh các trường THPT trên toàn quốc, tất cả đều có đáp án và giải thích chi tiết chọn lọc, kiểm tra kĩ càng để tài liệu chất lượng nhất.

Tài liệu cùng chuyên đề nổi bật

Trích từ tài liệu:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1. You are old enough to take     for what you have done.

  1. responsible B. responsibility C. responsibly          D. irresponsible

Question 2. Tony would have forgotten the appointment if I hadn’t       him.

  1. remembered B. regarded C. reminded              D. recommended

Question 3. He has read a lot of books and                  a lot of knowledge.

  1. achieved B. won C. acquired                D. requested

Question 4. Today many species of plants and animals are in          of extinction.

  1. danger B. endangered C. endanger               D. dangerous

Question 5. Margarethe Von Trotta is a(n)               gifted filmmaker who made vital contributions to the New German movement of the 70’s and 80’s.

  1. determinedly B. considerately C. remarkably           D. slightly

Question 6. When the teacher asked Daisy what the chemical formula was, her mind went       .

  1. nothing B. blank C. empty                    D. none

Question 7: Today’s weather will be a                      of yesterday.

  1. continuing B. continuation C. continuity            D. continual

Question 8: The children had been     of the danger, but had taken no notice.

  1. warned B. explained C. shown                   D. prevented

Question 9: She pointed out that her wages           no relation to the amount of work she did.

  1. bore B. offered C. yielded                 D. held

Question 10: The widespread use of pesticides and herbicides has led   to the        of groundwater in many parts of the world.

  1. corruption B. infection C. poison                  D. contamination

Question 11: She                 regretted having been so unkind.

  1. awfully B. severely C. bitterly                 D. fully

Question 12: Although the patient’s condition is serious, she seems to be out of           .

  1. place B. control C. danger                  D. order


Question 13: Our country has large areas of             beauty.

  1. unharmed B. undamaged C. unspoilt                D. uninjured

Question  14:  Scientists  and  engineers  have  invented  devices   to  remove         from  industrial wastes.

  1. pollutions B. pollute C. polluting               D. pollutants

Question 15: I                        it’ll rain this afternoon.

  1. bet B. promise C. warn                      D. vow

Question 16: You must                    allowances for him; he is not very healthy!

  1. A. get do C. make                      D. have

Question 17: They are conducting a wide                  of surveys throughout Vietnam.

  1. collection B. range C. selection                D. group

Question 18: The                 polluted atmosphere in some industrial regions is called “smog”.

  1. much B. largely C. fully                       D. heavily

Question 19. Police are warning the public to be on the        for suspicious packages.

  1. A. care alert C. guard                     D. alarm

Question 20: Could you please stop             so much noise?

  1. make B. making C. to make                 D. to making

Question 21: Shakespeare asserts the right of women to    and independence.

  1. equalization B. equally C. equalize                D. equality

Question 22:                 me to phone them before I go out.

  1. Remind B. Remember C. Mention                D. Make

Question 26: He is doing very badly but he tries to                appearance.

  1. hold on B. stick to C. keep up                 D. make out

Question 24: Thanks to the invention of labor-saving          , domestic chores are no longer a burden.

  1. devices B. things C. equipment            D. furniture

Question 25: The village was               visible through the dense fog.

  1. only B. barely C. mostly                   D. hard

Question 26: I can’t go out this morning. I’m up to   in reports.

  1. eye B. ears C. feet                         D. fingers


Question 27: You must fill in this                      form in capital letters.

  1. apply B. application C. applicant               D. applicable

Question 28: He would win the race if he        his brother’s example and trained harder.

  1. repeated B. set C. answered              D. followed

Question 29: You can ask Matin anything about history. He actually has quite a good    for facts.

  1. head B. understanding C. knowledge           D. ability

Question 30: It’s a good idea to see your doctor regularly for a(n)            .

  1. revision B. control C. investigation        D. check-up

Question 31: He was an                     writer because he persuaded many people to see the truth   of his idea.

  1. unlimited B. accurate C. ordinary                D. influential

Question 32: In his absence, I would like to thank all concerned on my brother’s   .

  1. behalf B. part C. business                D. interest

Question 33: Nowadays, quite a few Internet courses can offer an effective to classroom teaching.

  1. alternation B. alternating C. alternative            D. alternatively

Question 34: UNICEF            supports and funds for the most disadvantaged children all over the world.

  1. presents B. assists C. provides               D. offers

Question 35: After some reflection, he decided to bite the        .

  1. button B. bullet C. shell                       D. shot

Question 36: All the          in the stadium applauded the winner of the marathon when he crossed the finishing line.

  1. watchers B. audience C. viewers                 D. spectators

Question 37: I shall do the job to the best of my         .

  1. capicity B. ability C. knowledge           D. talent

Question 38: Even if you are rich, you should save some money for a day.

  1. foggy B. windy C. snowy                    D. rainy

Question 39: It was such a boring speech that I fell              .

  1. asleep B. sleep C. sleepy                    D. spleepily

Question 40: William was 19 years old when he was       up for war.



A called                     B. made                     C. put                         D. brought

Question 41: The internship in this company      an influence on him for the rest of his life.

  1. had B. made C. took                       D. gave

Question 42: Most developing countries are in           of capital and technical assistance.

  1. lack B. need C. shortage                D. excess

Question 43: My wife is always            when she has a problem at work and becomes angry at  me for no reason at all.

  1. bad-tempered B. talkative C. jealous                   D. content

Question 44: Don’t take any           of Mike. He’s always rude to everyone.

A sight                       B. view                       C. notice                     D. attention

Question 45: Peter            opened the door of the room, wondering what he might find.

  1. cautious B. cautiously C. cautional               D. cautionally

Question 46: If it’s raining tomorrow, we shall have to       the match till Sunday.

  1. put off B. call off C. keep on                 D. carry out

Question 47: If you        in behaving in this way, you will bring yourself nothing but trouble.

  1. persist B. continue C. decide                   D. react

Question 48: During the boss’s                    his assistant took over.

  1. vanishing B. disappearance C. absence                 D. loss

Question 49: Mai, Lan and Nga are 17, 19, 20 years old           .

  1. separately B. respectively C. independently     D. respectfully

Question 50: There’s no              in going to school if you’re not willing to learn.

  1. reason B. point C. aim                         D. purpose

Question 51: All students should be         and literate when they leave school.

  1. A. numerate numeral C. numeric                 D. numerous

Question 52: I found it very hard to       between the two sounds.

  1. differentiate B. pick C. discern                  D. tell

Question53: Stop          about the bush, John! Just tell me exactly what the problem is.

  1. rushing B. hiding C. beating                  D. moving

Question 54: The youths nowadays have many things to do in their   time.


  1. leisure B. entertainment C. fun                         D. amusement




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250 Bài tập Tiếng Anh chuyên đề từ vựng 2019 có đáp án chi tiết
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