Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh 2019 Sở GD-ĐT Bắc Giang

Bài viết thuộc phần 23 trong serie 61 bài viết về Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh THPT năm 2019

Thích Tiếng Anh chia sẻ đề thi thử Tiếng Anh năm 2019 do sở GD-ĐT tỉnh Bắc Giang tổ chức, mã đề 401. Đề thi thử môn Tiếng Anh có đáp án để các bạn tham khảo.

Trích từ đề thi

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions from 1 to 14

Question 1: The city centre was quite a ______ away from my house. It takes me nearly an hour to drive there.

  1. distance B. space C. length                          D. journey

Question 2: The equator is an ______ line that divides the earth into two.

  1. imagination B. imaginative C. imaginary                   D. imaginable

Question 3: British and Australian people share the same language, but in other respects they are as different as ______.

  1. chalk and cheese B. salt and pepper C. here and there            D. cats and dogs

Question 4: Human activities are also blamed ______ contributing to global warming.

  1. at B. with C. for                               D. on

Question 5: The leaves of the white mulberry provide food for silkworms, ______ silk fabrics are woven.

  1. from cocoons B. whose cocoons
  2. from whose cocoons D. whose cocoons are from

Question 6: We ____ our classroom for the upcoming Teachers’ Day, but there’s still a lot to do.

  1. decorated B. have been decorating
  2. are decorating D. have decorated

Question 7: When ______ about their preferences for movies, many young people say that they are in favour of science fiction.

  1. having asked B. asking C. asked                           D. are asked

Question 8: A newborn baby can neither walk nor crawl. A newborn tiger, ______, can run within minutes of birth.

  1. therefore B. even though C. otherwise                    D. however

Question 9: The first week of classes at university was a little ______because so many students get lost, change classes or go to the wrong place.

  1. disarranged B. chaotic C. uncontrolled               D. famous

Question 10: Mike accidentally broke the _______ stepping on it. He apologised to them for his carelessness.

  1. children’s toy B. child’s toy C. child’s toys                  D. children’s toys

Question 11: I don’t like ______ of these two restaurants. I prefer another one.

  1. neither B. either C. any                              D. one

Question 12: If the world’s tropical forests continue to disappear at their present rate, many animal species _____ extinct.

  1. became B. will become C. would become            D. would have become

Question 13: Tom went to the dentist to have his decayed tooth ______ as he couldn’t stand the toothache.

  1. relieved B. ruined C. destroyed                    D. extracted

Question 14: All flights ______ because of the snowstorm, we decided to take the train.

  1. having been cancelled B. had been cancelled
  2. were cancelled D. having cancelled




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Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh 2019 Sở GD-ĐT Bắc Giang
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