Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh 2019 Sở Ninh Bình

Bài viết thuộc phần 44 trong serie 61 bài viết về Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh THPT năm 2019

Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh  năm học 2018 – 2019 do sở GD-ĐT tỉnh Ninh Bình tổ chức thi có đáp án và giải thích chi tiết

Trích từ đề thi

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the pronunciation of the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Question 1:        A. souvenir                 B. around                    C. south                       D. thousand

Question 2:        A. hoped                     B. looked                     C. admired                  D. missed

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions.

Question 3:        A. celebrate                 B. consider                  C. occupy                    D. incident

Question 4:        A. secure                     B. oblige                      C. vacant                      D. equip

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 5: After graduation, she found       with a local travel company in Ninh Binh.

  1. career B. workplace C. service                         D. employment

Question 6: Though               , he prefers to teach his children in mother tongue.

  1. he was in a foreign country B. in a foreign country
  2. had been in foreign country D. to be in foreign country

Question 7: If the weather            so bad, we would have gone out.

  1. had been B. weren’t C. isn’t                              D. hadn’t been

Question 8: I clearly remember            to the nearby zoo when I was small.

  1. being taken B. to be taken C. to be taking                D. taking

Question 9: If you do what you tell others, they         in you.

  1. would believe B. won’t believe C. believe                        D. will believe

Question 10: They exchanged letters for 15 years, but they never       met in person.

  1. truly B. actually C. positively                   D. genuinely

Question 11: In order to             your goals, you need to invest the maximum amount of time, effort and energy in your studies.

  1. manage B. achieve C. catch                            D. establish

Question 12: Peter              opened the door of cellar, wondering what he might find.

  1. cautious B. cautiously C. cautional                     D. cautionally



Question 13: Although they tried to hide it, it was         that they didn’t like their unwelcome guest.

  1. foolish B. basic C. obvious                       D. vigorous

Question 14: Larry was so             in his novel that he forgot about his dinner cooking in the oven.

  1. absorbed B. attracted C. drawn                          D. obliged

Question 15: Park Hang-seo, who is the head coach of         Vietnam national football team, is a new idol of many people.

  1. Ø B. a C. the                                D. an

Question 16:              , she fainted and it was half an hour before she came round again.

  1. On hearing the news B. To have heard the news
  2. She had heard the news D. Just heard the news

Question 17: Do you have any objections           this new road scheme?

  1. for B. with C. at                                  D. to

Question 18:               New York is not the capital of the USA, it is the home of the United Nations.

  1. In spite of B. Because C. Although                    D. Otherwise

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the most suitable response to each of the following exchanges.

Question 19: Mary and her friend, Ann, are in a coffee shop.

Mary: “Would you like Match ice-cream or Caramel with jam?” Ann: “   .”

  1. I like eating them all B. Yes, I’d love two
  2. It doesn’t matter D. Neither is fine. They are good.

Question 20: John and Mike are talking about Mike’s new car.

John: “             

Mike: “Thanks. I’m glad to hear that.”

  1. Where did you buy your car? B. What a nice car!
  2. Your car is new, isn’t it? D. My car is very expensive.



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