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Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each question.

Preparation is a key to a successful interview. Does the idea of going to a job interview make you feel a little nervous? Many people find that it is the hardest part of the employing process. But it is not really true . The more you prepare and practice, the more comfortable you will feel. You should find out as much as possible about the company before you go to the interview. Understand the products that they produce and the services that they provide . It is also good to know who the customers are and who the major competitors are. Practice makes perfect. It will also make you feel more confident and relaxed. So, practice your answers to common. Make a list of questions to ask, too. Almost all interviewers will ask if you have . This is a great opportunity for you to show your keenness, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

Make a great impression . The interview is your chance to show that you are the best person for the job. Your application or resume has already exhibited that you are qualified. Now it is up to you to show how your skills and experience match this position and this company. The employer will be looking and listening to determine if you are a good fit. He site will be looking for a number of different qualities, in addition to the skills that you possess. To make the best impession, dress appropriately; express your strengths; arrive early, by about 10 – 15 minutes; be enthusiastic; shake hands firmly; be an active listener; sit up straight and maintain eye contact; and ask.

After the interview , follow up with a thank-you note. This is a chance for you to restate your interest and how you can benefit the company. Your best bet is to by to time it so that the note gets there before the hiring: decision is made. You should also follow up with a phone call if you do not hear back from the employer within the specified time.

Question 1. The pronoun “it refers to ________.

  1. A. the job          the interview          C. the interviewer      D. the preparation

Question 2. What does the writer advise you to practice?

  1. Asking and answering questions related to the job.
  2. Making products that the company produces.
  3. Providing services that the company serves.
  4. Meeting some customers and competitors.

Question 3. Which should not be shown during your interview?

  1. Punctuality B. A firm hand shaking C. Being properly-dresse      D. Weaknesses

Question 4. You can show your qualifications in the _______

  1. dressing style and punctuality  B. competing with the competitors
  2. resume and letter of application    D. eye contact with the interview

Question 5. Which is not included in the writer’s advice?

  1. You should not communicate with the interviewer after the interview.
  2. You ‘should make the best impression in the interview.
  3. You should write a note to say thanks to the interviewer after the interview.
  4. You should telephone the interviewer for any information after the interview.

Question 6: The word “restate” in the last paragraph can be replaced by ______

  1. express take                      C. inform                        D. appreciate


Mark the letter A, B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges.

Question 7. – Laura: “What a lovely house you have.” – Maria: “___________.”

  1. Of couse not, it is not costly. I think so.
  2. Thank you. Hope you will drop in. No problem.

Question 8: – “________”. – “I have got a terrible headache.”

  1. What’s the matter with you? What’s the wrong with you?
  2. What’s happened with you? What’s problems with you?


Pick out the word that has the primary stress diffrerent from that of other words.

Question 9.   A. maintain          B. retain                    C. fountain                       D. entire

Question 10. A. referee              B. electrician            C. manufacture               D. immortal


Choose the most suitable words or phrases to fuill in the blanks.

Question 11. Tim has passed the exam, _____ is great news.

  1. Who        that                             C. which                              D. whom

Question 12. When Carol _____ last night, I _______ my favorite show on TV.

  1. was calling – watched         called – was watching
  2. called – watched    had called – watched

Question 13. John is ______ only child in his family so his parents love him a lot.

  1. a        an                                C. the                                     D. no article

Question 14. I always talk to my parents before ______ an imporatant decison.

  1. making     taking                          C. doing                                D. getting

Question 15. The house _______ 40 years ago is still in good condition.

  1. which built    to build                        C. built                                  D.  buiding

Question 16. Because od heavy rain, the game was ______ for a few day.

  1. Taken out    put off                          C. set up                                D. gotten away

Question 17. I’m not allowed to go to the movies, _____?

  1. Am I   am not I                       C. aren’t I                              D. is you

Question 18. Ann hoped ____ to join the private club.

  1. To invite being invited              C. inviting                             D. to be invited

Question 19. He was looking at his parents _____, waiting for recommendation.

  1. Obey obedience                    C. obedient                           D. obediently

Question 20. Last year she earned ____­ her brother.

  1. Twice as much as twice more than     C. twice as many as        D. twice as more as

Question 21. These birds are in danger of becoming _____ as their forest home disappears.

  1. Dead extinct                          C. rare                                    D. endangered

Question 22. If you ____ to my advice, you ____ in trouble now.

  1. Listened – were not had listened – would not have been
  2. Listen – are not had listened – would not be

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

Question 23. A. explained            B. disappointed              C. prepared                     D. interviewed

Question 24. A. university           B. student                        C. volunteer                    D. museum


Pick out the letter A,B,C or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

Question 25. Each of the beautiful cars in the shop were quickly sold to its owner.

                                 A                            B                          C                                 D

Question 26. Not only did he spendall his money but also he borrowed some from me.

        A                 B                            C                                          D

Question 27. The trees were growing in the backyard by John yesterday.

                                 A                   B              C                     D                         


Mark the letter A,B,C or D to indicate the word CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each question.

Question 28. Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.

  1. open encounter                         C. arrive                           D. clean

Question 29. The works of such men as the English philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes helped pave the way for academic freedom in the modern sense.

  1. terminate B. prevent                             C. initiate                          D. lighten


Mark the letter A,B,C or D to indicate the word OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each question.

Question 30. He had never experienced such disourtesy towards the president as it occured at the annual meeting in May.

  1. politeness rudeness                        C. measurement              D. encouragement

Question 31. The original World Cup trophy was given permanently to Brazil to honor that country’s record third World Cup in 1970.

  1. for good    lastingly                          C. for age                          D. temporarily


Read the following passage and mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each question.

Biological diversity has become widely recognized as a critical conservation issue only in the past two decades. The rapid destruction of the tropical rain forests, which are the ecosystems with the highest known species diversity on Earth, has awakened people to the importance and fragility of biological diversity. The high rate of species extinctions in these environments is jolting, but it is important to recognize the significance of biological diversity in all ecosystems. As the human population continues to expand, it will negatively affect one after another of Earth’s ecosystems. In terrestrial ecosystems and in fringe marine ecosystems (such as wetlands), the most common problem is habitat destruction. In most situations, the result is irreversible. Now humans are beginning to destroy marine ecosystems through other types of activities, such as disposal and runoff of poisonous waste; in less than two centuries, by significantly reducing the variety of species on Earth, they have irrevocably redirected the course of evolution.

Certainly, there have been periods in Earth’s history when mass extinctions have occurred. The extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by some physical event, either climatic or cosmic. There have also been less dramatic extinctions, as when natural competition between species reached an extreme conclusion. Only 0.01 percent of the species that have lived on Earth have survived to the present, and it was largely chance that determined which species survived and which died out.

However, nothing has ever equaled the magnitude and speed with which the human species is altering the physical and chemical world and demolishing the environment. In fact, there is wide agreement that it is the rate of change humans are inflicting, even more than the changes themselves, which will lead to biological devastation. Life on Earth has continually been in flux as slow physical and chemical changes have occurred on Earth, but life needs time to adapt-time for migration and genetic adaptation within existing species and time for the proliferation of new genetic material and new species that may be able to survive in new environments.

Question 32. What does the passage mainly discuss?

  1. The variety of species found in tropical rain forests
  2. The cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs
  3. The time required for species to adapt to new environments
  4. The impact of human activities on Earth’s ecosystems

Question 33. The word “critical” is closest in meaning to

  1. essential   B. negative                     C. complicated               D. interesting

Question 34. According to the 1st paragraph, people have been awakened to the important and fragility of biological diversity by ____.

  1. the past 2 decades the ecosystems on the Earth
  2. the loss of the tropical rain forests the rate of species extinctions

Quetion 35. It can be inferred in the first paragraph that the factor will negatively affect the Earth’s ecosystems is _____.

  1. habitat destruction rapid destruction of the  marine ecosystems
  2. the human population’s growth the high rate of species extinctions

Question 36. According to the 1st paragraph, which of the following is NOT stated as a result of human’s destruction?

  1. The disappearance of the tropical rain forests
  2. The extinctions of species
  3. The devastation of marine ecosystems
  4. The survival of animals

Question 37. The author mentions all of the following as examples of the effect of humans on the world’s ecosystems EXCEPT

  1. damage to marine ecosystems  C. the introduction of new varieties of plant species
  2. habitat destruction in wetlands               D. destruction of the tropical rain forests

Question 38. According to the 2nd paragraph, which of the following is NOT mentioned as factor causes the extinction of the dinosaurs?

  1. economic natural competition between species
  2. climate the shortage of food

Question 39. The word “themselves” refers to ______.

  1. humans changes                      C. species                          D. new environments

Question 40. With which of the following statements would the author be most likely to agree?

  1. A. The extinction of a few species is an acceptable consequence of human progress.
  2. Technology will provide solutions to problems caused by the destruction of ecosystems.
  3. Human influence on ecosystems should not be a factor in determining public policy.
  4. Humans should be more conscious of the influence they have on ecosystems.


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