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Thích Tiếng Anh chia sẻ “Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh trường THPT Chuyên Lương Thế Vinh – Đồng Nai lần 2 năm 2017” trong bộ đề thi thử Tiếng Anh năm 2017. Và đề thi có đáp án để các bạn đối chiếu kết quả bài làm của mình. Các bạn tải về luyện đề nhé!

Đề thi ngày 14/5/2017

Tham khảo các đề thi khác:


Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 1 to 5.  


Oxford University is a(n) 1 _____ of over 35 colleges, varying in date of foundation from medieval to more recent times. The colleges also vary in wealth, in character and in architecture.

Some 2 _____ imposing buildings and grounds, others are almost modest in their scale. Most colleges are wellknown for their former students – Oxford is the place 3 _____ characters as diverse as Margaret Thatcher, Mrs. Gandhi, Michael Palin and Evelyn Waugh were educated. Most visitors will want to see a college and one or more of the University buildings, such as the Bodleian Library or the Ashmolean Museum.

The University has supported the 4 _____ of The Oxford Story Exhibition, in Broad Street -now recognized as the best short 5 _____ to Oxford University. Here, during an entertaining ride through recreated scenes and events, Magnus Magnusson offers an informed view of Oxford’s past and present. Special materials for children and foreign language books are also available.

Câu 1:   A. whole B. web C. hostel D. association
Câu 2:   A. exist B. stay C. live  D. occupy
Câu 3:   A. where B. when C. which         D. that
Câu 4:   A. discovery B. expectation C. investment    D. creation
Câu 5:   A. beginning B. introduction C. history         D. past


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.

Câu 6:  A. civilization        B. scuba-diving              C. dedication         D. incredible

Câu 7:  A. rhinoceros        B. wilderness              C. digestion         D. diversity

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each question.

Câu 8:   Rosa suggested ___ a suit and tie when he went for the interview.

A. he wear           B. him to wear                       C. he must wear

Câu 9:   It was only later that I comprehended ___.

A. what was his story’s meaning B. what his story meant

 C. what did his story mean               D. his story meant what

Câu 10:  You promised her a letter. You ought to ___ days ago.

D. that he wears
A. have written it B. write it C. be writing it            D. have it written

Câu 11:  Farmers make their soil more productive by using ___.

A. fertilizers B. pesticides C. herbicides                D. explosive

Câu 12:  Contamination and global warming have driven many species of animals and plants to the ___ of extinction.     A. bank B. shore C. edge D. verge

Câu 13:  The fishermen and their boats ___ were off the coast three days ago have just been reported to be missing.              A. who B. which C. that                  D. whom

Câu 14:   ___ schooling is compulsory in Australia between ___ ages of six and seventeen.

  1. No article/ the B. The/ no article C. A/ no article D. A/ the

Câu 15:   More than ten victims ___ missing in the storm last week.

  1. are reported to have been B. are reported to be
  2. have been reported being D. have reported to be

Câu 16:  You are not allowed to use the club’s facilities ___ you are a member.

  1. but for B. providing C. unless D. if only

Câu 17:  Lucia was upset because her boyfriend did not ___ at her birthday party.

  1. turn up B. come up C. show off D. come round

Câu 18:  You should show the interviewer that you are really keen ___ the job that you have applied for.

  1. over B. for C. in D. on

Câu 19:   All the ideas were good, but Michael ___ the best plan of all.

  1. came up with B. put up with C. got on with D. caught up on

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 20 to 27.

Fossils are the remains and traces (such as footprints or other marks) of ancient plant and animal life that are more than 10,000 years old. They range in size from microscopic structures to dinosaur skeletons and complete bodies of enormous animals. Skeletons of extinct species of human are also considered fossils. 

An environment favorable to the growth and later preservation of organisms is required for the occurrence of fossils. Two conditions are almost always present: (1) The possession of hard parts, either internal or external, such as bones, teeth, scales, shells, and wood; these parts remain after the rest of the organism has decayed. Organisms that lack hard parts, such as worms and jelly fish, have left a meager geologic record. (2) Quick burial of the dead organism, so that protection is afforded against weathering, bacterial action, and scavengers. 

Nature provides many situations in which the remains of animals and plants are protected against destruction. Of these, marine sediment is by far the most important environment for the preservation of fossils, owing to the incredible richness of marine life. The beds of former lakes are also prolific sources of fossils. The rapidly accumulating sediments in the channels, floodplains, and deltas of streams bury fresh-water organisms, along with land plants and animals that fall into the water. The beautifully preserved fossil fish from the Green River soil shale of Wyoming in the western United States lived in a vast shallow lake. 

The frigid ground in the far north acts as a remarkable preservative for animal fossils. Woolly mammoths, a long-haired rhinoceros, and other mammals have been periodically exposed in the icy land  of Siberia, the hair and red flesh still frozen in cold storage. 

Volcanoes often provide environments favorable to fossil preservation. Extensive falls of volcanic ash and coarser particles overwhelm and bury all forms of life, from flying insects to great trees. 

Caves have preserved the bones of many animals that died in them and were subsequently buried under a blanket of clay or a cover of dripstone. Predatory animals and early humans alike sought shelter in caves and brought food to them to eat, leaving bones that paleontologists have discovered.

Câu 20:  The passage primarily discusses which of the following?

  1. How fossils are discovered
  2. What is learned from studying fossils
  3. Types of fossils found in different climates
  4. Conditions favorable to the preservation of fossils

Câu 21:  The word “traces” in bold is closest in meaning to

  1. structures B. importance C. skeletons D. imprints

Câu 22:  All of the following facts about fossils are referred to by the author (paragraph 1) EXCEPT the fact that they can be

  1. skeletons of human ancestors B. complete animal bodies
  2. microscopically small D. fragile

Câu 23:  The fossil fish from the Green River (paragraph 3) were probably preserved because they were

  1. buried slowly B. covered by sediment C. in a deep lake D. protected by oil

Câu 24:  The word “exposed” in bold is closest in meaning to

  1. photographed B. located C. preserved D. uncovered

Câu 25:  Which of the following is LEAST likely to be found as a fossil, assuming that all are buried rapidly?

  1. a human ancestor B. a worm C. a woolly mammoth D. a dinosaur

Câu 26:  The word “them” in bold refers to

  1. early humans predatory animals C. caves D. bones

Câu 27:  Which of the following is true of the environments in which fossils are found?

  1. Environments that favor fossilization have similar climates.
  2. Very different environments can favor fossilization.
  3. Environments that favor fossilization support large populations of animals.
  4. There are few environments in which fossils are protected.


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Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh trường THPT Chuyên Lương Thế Vinh – Đồng Nai lần 2 năm 2017
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