Tổng hợp các động từ đi với giới từ thông dụng

Tổng hợp các động từ đi với giới từ thông dụng

Bài viết này sẽ tổng hợp tất cả các động từ đi với giới từ thông dụng trọng tiếng anh, đây là một  phần ngữ không khó những khá nhiều kiến thức bắt buộc phải nhớ. Mọi người cùng học nhé 

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1accuse SO of ST : Buộc tội, tố cáo ai đó đã làm gìHe accused her of stealing the money.
2adapt to : thích nghi vớiThey adapted to the new culture.
3add SO/ST to SO/ST : thêm cái gì, ai vào…She added milk to the grocery list.
4add to: thêm vào, tạo raTranslation problems added to the confusion.
5adjust to : điều chỉnh, thích nghiThey adjusted to their new environment.
6admit ST to SO : thừa nhận cái gì với aiShe admitted her real age to everybody.
7admit to : thú nhận làm gìShe admitted to cheating on the test.
8agree on : Dàn xếp, đạt được thỏa thuậnWe agreed on the price.
9agree to : bằng lòng, đồng ý cái gìHe agreed to the new conditions.
10agree with sb : đồng ý với aiI agree with you.
11apologize to someone for : xin lỗi ai về điều gìI apologized to her for being rude.
12appeal to SO for ST : yêu cầu điều gì, thỉnh cầu điều gìThe nation appealed to the UN for assistance.
13Appeal against ST : phản đối cái gìThe company is appealing against the ruling.
14approve of : đồng ýThe parents approved of the marriage.
15argue with SO about/ SO/ST : tranh cãi với ai về ai/ cái gìTimmy argued with his father about his curfew.
16argue with SO over ST : tranh cãi với ai về cái gìThe customer argued with the salesman over the store's return policy.
17argue for/against something/doing something : tranh cãi cho/ chống lại cái gìThey argued for the right to strike.
18arrange for SO (to do something): Sắp xếp cho ai để làm gìThey arranged for an interpreter to be present.
19arrest SO for ST : bắt giữ ai vì tội gìThe police arrested the man for stealing the car.
20arrive at (a place): đếnThey arrived at home.
21arrive in (a place) đến địa điểm lớnShe'll arrive in New York at noon.
22aim smt at someone/smt: Chĩa, chỉ cái gì vào ai/cái gì.The government is aiming at a 50% reduction in unemployment.
23ask SO for ST : hỏi ai về cái gì/ hỏi xin ai cái gìShe asked for help.


1base on : dựa trênThe company bases salary on experience.
2be absent from (a place) : vắng mặtHe was absent from class.
3be accustomed to : quen vớiI am not accustomed to such behavior.
4be acquainted with : quen với việcHe is acquainted with many celebrities.
5be addicted to ST : nghiệmHe is addicted to heroin.
6be afraid of : lo sợI am afraid of spiders.
7be angry with/at SO for/about ST : tức giận với ai vìI am angry with him for what he said.
8angry at/about/over something : tức giận vì cái gìHe felt angry at the injustice of the situation.
9be annoyed with SO for/about ST : bực mình với ai về cái gìI was annoyed with myself for giving in so easily.
10be annoyed at/about ST : bực mình vì cái gìI bet she was annoyed at having to write it out again.
11be anxious about ST : lo lắng về vấn đề gìI am anxious about the presentation.
12be associated with : liên kết vớiHe is associated with the company.
13be aware of : hiểu, thấy rõYou are not aware of all the problems.
14be blessed with : được ban phước, sinh ra tài năngHe is blessed with great musical talent.
15be bored with/of : buồn chánThe interviewers were bored with the repetitive comments.
17be capable of ST : có khả năngHe is capable of much more.
18be cluttered with ST : lộn xộn vì cái gìThe room is clutter with boxes.
19be committed to : cam kếtI am committed to improving my language skills.
20be composed of : bao gồmThe meteorite is composed mostly of iron.
21be concerned about: chú ý đến, quan tâmI am concerned about his smoking.
23be connected with : liên kết vớiThey are connected with the project.
24be content with : thỏa mãn vớiHe is content with the results.
25be convinced of ST : bị thuyết phục, được thuyết phụcWe are convinced of her innocence.
26be coordinated with ST : phối hợp vớiTesting centers coordinated with the schools to set testing dates.
27be crowded in (a building or room) : đông đúcIt is crowded in the auditorium.
28be crowded with (people) : đông đúc vìThe auditorium is crowded with people.
29be dedicated to : để dành, cố gắng, tập trungShe is dedicated to improving her grammar skills.
30be devoted to : ủng hộHe is devoted to his wife.
31be disappointed in : thất vọng vì cái gìShe is disappointed in her son's improvement.
32be disappointed with : thất vọng vì aiShe is disappointed with her son for not improving.
33be discouraged by : chán nản, nản lòngHe was discouraged by the high costs.
34be discouraged from (doing something) : chán nản bởi việc làm cái gìThey were discouraged from participating.
35be discriminated against : phân biệt đối xửHe discriminates against people who are different.
36be divorced from SO : tách rờiMary is divorced from John.
37be done with ST : hoàn thànhHe is done with the work.
38be dressed in : mặc cái gì (màu)She was dressed in red.
39be encouraged withThe staff was encouraged with a profit-sharing program.
40be engaged in STHe was engaged in that research for more than ten years.
41be engaged to SOJohn was engaged to Mary for six months.
42be envious ofI am envious of you for having the opportunity to travel.
43be equipped with STThe expedition is equipped with the latest gear.
44be excited aboutI am excited about the opportunities.
45be exposed toThe workers were exposed to dangerous chemicals.
46be faced withHe was faced with many difficult decisions.
47be faithful toThey are faithful to their company.
48be familiar withI am familiar with that program.
49be famous forHe is famous for climbing Mt. Everest.
50be filled withThe boxes are filled with clothes and books.
51be finished withI am finished with my studies.
52be fond ofShe is fond of her nieces and nephews.
53be friendly to SOHe is friendly to new coworkers.
54be friendly with SOHe is friendly with new coworkers.
55be frightened byShe is frightened by the coyotes calling at night.
56be frightened ofThe kids are frightened of ghosts.
57be furnished with STThe house is furnished with designer furniture.
58be grateful to SO for STI am grateful to you for your assistance.
59be guilty of STHe is guilty of the crime.
60be happy about STI am not happy about the results.
61be innocent of STHe is innocent of the crimes.
62be interested inI am interested in astronomy.
63be involved in STHe is involved in the program.
64be involved withHe is involved with many charities.
65be jealous ofJohn is jealous of Mary's close friendship with Tom.
66be known for STHe is know for his humor.
67be limited toThe speeches are limited to fifteen minutes each.
68be made from STThe statue is made from old car parts.
69be made of (material)The statue is made of metal.
70be married toShe is married to a famous politician.
71be opposed toI am opposed to increasing tuition prices.
72be patient with SOHe is patient with his students.
73be pleased withI am pleased with the results.
74be polite to SOShe is polite to the visitors.
75be prepared forHe is prepared for such questions at the conference.
76be protected fromThe cave paintings are protected from vandalism.
77be proud ofHe is proud of his son.
78be related toShe is related to the famous artist.
79be relevant toThat is not relevant to this conversation.
80be remembered for STHe is remembered for his bravery.
81be responsible forShe is responsible for the new policies.
82be satisfied withThe teacher is satisfied with the test results.
83be scared ofShe is scared of snakes.
84be terrified ofShe is terrified of roaches.
85be thankful forWe are thankful for their help.
86be tired from (doing something)He is so tired from jogging.
87be tired of (doing something)He is tired of answering the same questions over and over.
88be worried aboutI am worried about her.
89beg forThey begged for the answer to the riddle.
90begin withEvery sentence begins with a capital letter.
91believe in: Tin tưởng vào điều gìHe believes in ghosts.
92Belong to someone: Thuộc vào aiI don't belong to that organization.
93benefit fromHe benefits from the government assistance programs.
94blame SO for STHe blamed his employees for his mistakes.
95blame ST on SOHe blamed the company's failure on his employees.
96boast aboutShe boasted about her new Mercedes.
97borrow ST from SOHe borrowed money from me.


1Care about someone/smt: Quan tâm đến tai, cái gìHe cares about what his children watch on TV.
2 Care for someone/smt: Thich cái gì/ quan tâm, chăm sóc ai, cái gìHe doesn't care for fish.
3catch up withHe caught up with her before she got into the elevator.
4cater toThe hotel doesn't cater to tour groups.
5charge SO for STThe restaurant didn't charge me for breaking the glass.
6charge SO with STThe police charged him with drunk driving.
7choose between SO/ST and SO/STThe winner got to choose between a vacation to Tahiti and a new car.
8chose ST from STThe magician chose a lady from the audience to help him with the trick.
9Collide with someone/smt: va chạm, đụng phải ai, cái gìThe car collided with a truck.
10come fromHe comes from Florida.
11comment onShe wouldn't comment on the accusations.
12communicate with SOMany people use email to communicate with friends and family abroad.
13compare SO/ST to SO/STThe analyst compared the company's current profits to last year's.
14compare SO/ST with SO/STHe shouldn't compare his younger son with his older son.
15compete withHe loves to compete with others.
16 Complain to someone about someone/smt: Than phiên với ai về ai đó/cái gìThey complained about the quality of the hotel.
17compliment SO on STHe complimented her on her new dress.
18 Concentrate on smt: Tập trung vào việc gìHe needs to concentrate on his work.
19concern SO with STYou shouldn't concern her with our problems.
20confess toHe confessed to the crimes.
21confuse SO/ST with SO/STShe confused him with Tom Cruise.
22congratulate SO on STShe congratulated him on his victory.
23consent to STThe parents consented to the request.
24Consist of smt: Bao gồm, gồm cái gìThe test consists of 100 multiple choice questions.
25contribute to STI contributed to the World Wildlife Fund.
26convict SO of STThey convicted him of murder.
27cope withCan he cope with the large amount of work.
28correspond with SOI correspond with them by email.
29count onHe counts on their support.
30cover withShe covered her sleeping son with the blanket.
31Cash into someone/smt: Lái xe đâm sầm vào cái gìHe crashed into the tree.
32Cut sth into: cắt cái gì thànhHe cut the loaf into thick slices.
33cure SO of STThe doctors cured her of the disease.


1deal withHe has to deal with many problems.
2decide againstHe decided against taking the job in New York.
3decide between SO/ST and SO/STI couldn't decide between the chicken dinner and the sushi.
4decide onHe decide on taking the job in Los Angeles.
5dedicate ST to SOHe dedicated the song to his girlfriend.
6demand ST from SOHe demanded help from his coworkers.
7 Depend on someone/smt: Lệ thuộc/ tùy thuộc vào điều gìThe cost of the carpet depends on the quality of the weaving.
8derive ST from STHe derives a great deal of pleasure from his work.
9deter SO from STNothing could deter her from becoming a policewoman.
10devote ST to SOHe devoted the song to his wife.
11differ fromYour results differ little from mine.
12disagree withHe disagrees with me.
13disapprove ofHer parents disapprove of her job choice.
14discourage SO from STHe discouraged his son from quitting school.
15discuss ST with SOI discussed the situation with them.
16distinguish between SO/ST and SO/STThe expert couldn't distinguish between the real painting and the forgery.
17distinguish SO/ST from SO/STThe expert couldn't distinguish the real painting from the forgery.
18distract SO from STThe loud music distracted her from her work.
19Dream about someone/smt: Mơ về ai/cái gìI dream about traveling around the world.
20Dream of being smt/doing smt: Mơ, tưởng tượng trở thành cái gì/làm gìI dream of a day when poverty no longer exists.
21dress SO in STShe dresses her twins in the same clothes.
22divide ST into: chia thành cái gìThis book is divided into three parts
23Die of (bệnh tật): Chết vì bệnh gì“What did he die of?” “A heart attack.”
24Do smt about smt: Làm gì để cải thiện…The economic situatuation is getting worse and worse. The government ought to do something about it.
25drink toThey drank to his new job.


1elaborate on STHe elaborated on his earlier comments.
2emerge from STThe dragon emerged from its lair.
3escape from (a place)They escaped from jail.
4exchange SO/ST for SO/STThey exchanged dollars for yen.
5exclude SO from STHe excluded them from the meeting.
6excuse SO for STShe excused them for being late.
7expel SO from (a place)The leader was expelled from the country.
8experiment onThey experimented on various ways of preventing the disease.
9explain ST to SOThe teacher explained the project to the students.


1feel aboutHe felt bad about what he said.
2feel likeI feel like seeing a movie.
3fight aboutThey fought about who had to do the dishes.
4fight againstMartin Luther King fought against racism and oppression.
5fight forHe fought for improved working conditions.
6fight withHe fought with his parents throughout his teen years.
7forget aboutShe forgot about the meeting.
8forgive SO for STShe forgave him for the terrible things he said.


1gamble onI wouldn't gamble on that happening.
2gawk atThey just gawked at me as though they didn't understand a thing.
3gaze atShe gazed at the sight in wonder.
4get back from (a place)He got back from work at 6 o'clock.
5get married to SOJohn got married to Mary.
6get rid ofHe got rid of his old clothes.
7get through withI'm never going to get through with this work.
8get tired ofHe got tired of the complaining.
9get used toHe needs to get used to the new working conditions.
10give ST to SOHe gave the book to me.
11glare atShe glared at him in disbelief.
12glance at someone/smt: nhìn ai, cái gì
13gloat atHe gloated at their failure.
14grieve forThe nation is grieving for those who died in the accident.
15gripe at SOShe always gripes at her husband.
16grumble at SO about STThe old man always grumbles at his wife about their children never visiting.


1Happen to someone/smt: Xảy ra, xảy đến với ai/cái gìWhat happened to him?
2harp onShe is constantly harping on her husband's bad eating habits.
3Hear about smt: Nghe nói về điều gìI have never heard about that policy before.
4Hear from someone: Được tin aiHave you heard from your son recently?
5Hear of someone/smt: nghe về, biết về ai/cái gìHave you ever heard of the Anasazi people?
6help SO with STHe helped me with my homework.
7hide ST from SOHe hid his bad report card from his parents.
8hinder SO/ST from STRebels are hindering aid workers from accessing the area.
9hinge onSuccess hinges on his participation in the project.
10hope forThe company hopes for better sales in the coming quarter.


1insist onHe insists on driving even though he is having vision problems.
2insure againstThe investment does not insure against loss of income.
3interfere in STThe couple's parents should not interfere in their relationship.
4interfere with STDon't interfere with the natural balance of nature.
5introduce SO/ST to SO/STI introduced him to his girlfriend.
6invest inWe invested in that company.
7invite SO toI invited her to the party.
8involve SO/ST in STWe involved them in the decision making.


1jabber aboutHe was jabbering about problems at work.
2joke aboutWe love to sit around and joke about old times.
3joke with SO about SO/STHe was joking with me about the mistake I made.
4jot down STShe jotted down notes as he spoke.


1keep on (doing something)She kept on talking
2keep SO/ST from (doing something)I kept her from making the same mistake.
3keep ST for SOHe wants to keep the toy for his daughter.
4know aboutHe knows a lot about that subject.


1laugh aboutShe laughed about what the children had done.
2Laugh at someone/smt: cười/mỉm cười với ai về cái gìWe always laugh at his jokes.
3learn aboutI need to learn more about that topic.
4lend ST to SOI lent my dictionary to her.
5listen forThe mechanic said I should listen for any squeaking sounds.
6Listen to someone/smt;vi: lắng nghe ai đó/cái gìHe loves to listen to his MP3 player on the subway.
7long forI long for a week on the beach in Hawaii.
8look at: nhìn ai, cái gìLook at this old picture of my grandmother.
9Leave (a place) for (another place): Rời khỏi (1 chỗ, địa điểm) đê đến (một địa điểm khác)I haven’t seen her since she left home for work this morning.
10Live on money/food;vi: sống nhờ vào tiền/thức ănDavid’s salary is very low. It isn’t enough to live on.
11look forward toI look forward to meeting her parents.


1meet with SOWe will meet with the organizers next week.
2mistake SO/ST for SO/STI mistook him for his twin brother.


1nod atHe nodded at the others.
2nod toHe nodded to them.


1object toDo you object to my smoking?
2operate onThe surgeon operated on the conjoined twins.


1participate in STWe participated in the survey.
2Pay someone for something: Trả cho ai đó về cái gìHe paid for our meal last night.
3persist inThe disease persists in rural farms throughout the region.
4plan onWe plan on attending the wedding.
5praise SO for STHe praises his son for his good grades.
6pray forThe villagers prayed for rain.
7prefer SO/ST to SO/STWe prefer salmon to other kinds of fish.
8prepare forWe are preparing for a long winter.
9present SO with STHe will present her with the award for best journalist.
10prevent SO/ST from (doing something)The campaign is designed to prevent young people from drinking.
11prohibit SO from (doing something)The school prohibits students from smoking.
12provide forIt is difficult for them to provide for their families.
13provide SO with STThe school provides students with textbooks.
14provide SO/ST for SOThe company will provide food and drinks for all.
15Protect someone/smt from (against) someone/smt: Bảo vệ ai đó. Cái gì khỏi ai đó/ điều gìHe put sun-tan oil on his body to protect his skin from the sun.
16Point smt at someone/smt: Chĩa, chỉ cái gì vào ai/cái gì.Don’t point that knife at me! It’s dangerous.
17punish SO for STHe was punished for his crimes.


1quarrel with SO about STThey quarreled with the waiter about the mistakes on the bill.
2quarrel with SO over STHe quarreled with her over her political beliefs.


1react toHe reacted to the news negatively.
2recover from STHe is recovering from his illness.
3refer to STHe was referring to the chart on page 24.
4Regard someone/smt as smt: Xem ai đó/cái gì như..I’ve always regarded you as one of my best friends.
5relate toShe is not related to their family.
6Rely on someone/ smt: Tin cậy, tin tưởng ai/điều gìWe rely on the latest information to make such decisions.
7remind SO of SO/ST: Gợi nhắc ai đó về ai/cái gìHe reminds me of my grandfather.
8Remind someone about smt: Nhắc nhở ai đó về cái gìI’m glad you reminded me about the party. I had completely forgotten it.
9reply toWe replied immediately to the letter.
10rescue SO from SO/STHe rescued the puppy from the icy lake.
11resign from STHe resigned from the company.
12respond toWe responded to the request for help.
13result in STHis outburst result in his being fired.
14retire from STHe retired from the company after 40 years of faithful service.


1save SO from STThey are working to save mountain gorillas from extinction.
2Search (a person/a place/ a bag) for someone/smt: khám xét (một người, một địa điểm/ một cái túi…) để tìm ai/cái gì tìm kiếm một thứ đồ gì đóThe are searching for signs of life on Mars.
3sentence SO to STThe court sentenced him to 20 years in jail.
4separate SO/ST from SO/STHe separated Billy from the others children.
5share ST with SOShe shared her secret with the others.
6Shout at someone: Quát mắng ai đóThe old man shouted at the kids
7Shout to someone: La lớn lên để ai đó nghe thấyHe shouted to me from the other side of the street.
8show ST to SOHe showed the pictures to his friends.
9smile at someone/smt: cười/mỉm cười với ai về cái gìI smiled at the newcomers.
10speak to SO about SO/ST: Nói chuyện, chuyện trò với ai đóThe director spoke to the employees about the changes.
11specialize in STHe specializes in technical translation.
12spend (money/time) on: Chi , dùng vào thứ gìThey spent too much money on their new car.
13stand forNASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
14stare at someone/smt: nhìn ai, cái gìWhy are they staring at me?
15stem fromThe corruption charges stem from allegations of bribery.
16stop SO from (doing something)The environmental group stopped them from building the new hotel.
17subject SO to STThey subject the students to unrealistic standards.
18subscribe toHe subscribed to that magazine.
19substitute SO/ST for SO/STYou can substitute beef for pork if you don't eat pork.
20subtract ST from STHe subtracted the expenses from the profits.
21succeed at STHe will succeed at anything he does.
22succeed in (doing something)He succeeded in finishing the marathon.
23Suffer from an illness/miserable situation: mắc phải, chịu đựng bệnh/ nghịch cảnh nàoShe suffers from a rare genetic disorder.
24split smt into: chia thànhShe split the class into groups of four.
25Sentence someone to  ( a period of time);vi: Kết án ai đó trong bao nhiêu nămHe was found guilty and sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.
26suspect SO of STThe police suspect them of smuggling drugs over the border.


1take advantage ofHe took advantage of his connections at the company.
2take care ofHe takes care of his pets.
3talk aboutThey talked about the recent problems.
4talk to: Nói chuyện, chuyện trò với ai đóI need to talk to you for a few minutes.
5tell SO about STHe told them about what happened.
6thank SO for STWe thanked them for their hospitality.
7Think about someone/smt: Nghĩ về ai đó/ gì đóHe thought about what she had said.
8 Think of someone/smt: Nhớ đến, nghĩ đến ai/cái gìThey need to think of ways to reduce costs.
9Threaten SO with STHThe attacker threatened them with a gun.
10toast toLet's toast to a long marriage.
11translate ST into (a language): Dịch từ.... sang...He translated the instructions into Japanese.
12trust SO with STHe trusted the new employee with the combination to the safe.
13Throw smt at someone/smt: Ném cái gì vào ai đóSomeone threw an egg at the minister while he was speaking.
14Throw smt to someone: Ném cái gì cho ai (để người đó bắt lấy)Ann shouted “Catch!” and threw the keys to me from the window.
15turn toThey turned to page 123.


1use ST for STThey use wood for fuel.


1vote againstShe voted against the new proposal.
2vote forHe voted for the most popular candidate.


1Wait for someone/smt: Đợi chờ ai đó/ cái gìI waited for them at the restaurant.
2warn about: Cảnh báo ai đó về ai/cái gìThey warned me about pickpockets in the train station.
3waste (money/time) onThey wasted money on another new car.
4wish forThe child wished for a new bicycle before he blew out the candles on his cake.
5work forI have worked for them for 20 years.
6work onThey worked on the proposal for two weeks.
7worry aboutShe worries about her children.
8write aboutHe wrote a book about his life.
9wonder at
10 Write to someone: viết thư cho aiYou need to write to your parents more often.


1yap aboutHe always yaps about the good old days.
2yearn forHe yearns for more adventure in his life.
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