Từ vựng tiếng anh theo chủ đề: chủ đề giáo dục

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Từ vựng tiếng anh theo chủ đề: chủ đề giáo dục

Cùng học tiếng anh theo chủ để với Thích Tiếng Anh

1. UNEDUCATED (adj): không được giáo dục ~> EDUCATE SB (v): giáo dục, dạy dỗ ai

Ex: Uneducated refers to a person that lacks formal education.


2. ILLITERATE (adj): mù chữ ~~> COMPUTER ILLITERATE: mù công nghệ 😀~~> ILLITERACY (n) sự mù chữ

Ex: An illiterate person is unable to read or write


3. ARITHMETIC (n/adj) thuộc về tính toán (các phép tính cộng, trừ, nhân, chia)

Ex: The three Rs, i.e. reading, writing and arithmetic are the most important parts of primary education.


4. A CURRICULUM (n) = A SYLLABUS (AmE): các môn học trong một khóa học 

Ex: A curriculum comprises all the courses offered by an educational institution.


5. JOB TRAINING (n): thực tập ~~> A SKILLED WORKER

Ex: Nowadays people without any job training face great difficulties in finding well-paid work.


6. TEACH SB STH (v) dạy ai đó làm gì ~> A TEACHER (n)

Ex: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks


7. A HEADTEACHER (n) (BrE) = THE PRINCIPAL (US): hiệu trưởng

Ex: When his behaviour didn’t improve, he had to go and see the headteacher.


8.AN INSTRUCTOR(n): người hướng dẫn ~~> INSTRUCTION (n) ~~> INSTRUCTOR SB (v)

Ex: In order to get your driving license, you have to take lessons with an experienced driving instructor.


9. REVISE (v): ôn tập ~~> DO REVISION (n)

Ex: It has always been a good idea to revise your English tenses once in a while.


10. ATTEND (SCHOOL) (v): tham gia vào lớp học >< BE ABSENT (FROM SCHOOL): vắng mặt 

Ex: All children over five have to attend school until the reach the age of sixteen.


11. PLAY TRUANT (v): trốn học ~~> TRUANCY (n) : sự trốn học

Ex: He was expelled from school for playing truant~~> BE EXPELLED FROM …: bị trục xuất, bị đuổi ra khỏi


12. DROP OUT (OF SCHOOL) (v): bỏ học giữa chừng ~~> A DROP-OUT (n): người bỏ học giữa chừng

Ex: He dropped out of school during his exams on account of personal and financial problems.


13. A NURSERY (SCHOOL) (n)= A KINDERGARTEN (US): lớp mẫu giáo, vườn trẻ

Ex: A nursery is a place where children are temporarily cared for in their parents’ absence.


14. A PRIMARY SCHOLL (n): trường tiểu học ~~> ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (n)

~~> SECONDARY SCHOOL (n): trường cấp 2

Ex: The reading ability of the pupils depends on the quality of the primary school the primary school they attended.



Ex: Boarding schools are institutions where, on top of tuition, meals and lodging are provided.


16. A COMPREHENSIVE (SCHOOL): trường phổ thông

Ex: The majority of secondary schools in Britain are comprehensive schools where children of all abilities are taught together.


17. A GYM(NASIUM) (n) : nhà tập đa năng, tập thể hình

Ex: We have Physical Education in the gymnasium twice a week.


18. CORE SUBJECTS (n): môn học chính >< SUBSIDIARY SUBJECTS (n): môn phụ= MINOR SUBJECTS

Ex: Maths and English are core subjects, whereas biology, history, computer studies, art and physical education are subsidiary subjects.


19. COMPULSORY (adj): bắt buộc >< OPTIONAL/ ELECTION: không bắt buộc

Ex: In secondary education, English and Maths are compulsory subjects,i.e. all students have to take them


20. GRADUATE (from) (v) tốt nghiệp, ra trường ~~> GRADUATION (n)

Ex: She graduated from university after studying for four years.


21. (GET) A DEGREE (n): trình độ, cấp, độ C (nhiệt độ) ~~> 20 degrees Celsius

Ex: He left university with a degree in law.


22. FEE (n) học phí ~~> CHARGE A FEE

Ex: All students attending private schools have to pay annual fees


23. SCHOLARSHIP (n)= GRANT( n): học bổng, trợ cấp

Ex: He can’t afford university, but he hopes to win a scholarship in order to study medicine.


24. DORMITORY = A HALL OF RESIDENCE (n): kí túc xá

Ex: He doesn’t have an apartment of his own, he lives on campus in a dormitory.


25. TAKE AN EXAM = SIT AN EXAM: thi, kiểm tra

Eg: Every student has to take an exam four written exams


26. FAIL AN EXAM : trượt >< PASS AN EXAM : đỗ

Eg: He passed his oral exams, but he failed the written ones.


27. ASSESS PAPERS= MARK PAPERS: tờ đánh giá, ghi điểm

Eg: Assessing papers is one of the main obligations of a teacher.


28. MEET THE REQUIREMENTS ~ sth that is required: đáp ứng nhu cầu

Eg: Unfortunately, he failed to meet the school’s requirements for graduation.


29. CHEAT: (n) gian lận

  Eg: He was expelled from school when he confressed to having cheated in his exams


30. QUALIFICATIONS (n): tiêu chuẩn, trình độ ~~> TO QUALIFY (v)

Eg: Unfortuantely, he left school without any qualifications



Eg: The government’s aim has been to provide equality of opportunity for students of both sexes and of all nationalities.



32. Freshman: Sinh viên Đại Học năm nhất

33. Sophomore :Sinh viên Đại Học năm 2

34. Junior: Sinh viên Đại Học năm 3

35. Senior: Sinh viên Đại Học năm 4 (hoặc hơn)

Từ vựng tiếng anh theo chủ đề: chủ đề giáo dục
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